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Precast Floor Slab

Precast Floor Slab is designed to carry load in all structures.

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Precast Floor Slab can be used as the load-bearing in all structures.The production, by designing, has been made in the desired size according to the load of upholstery depending on the loads of the upholstery and openness.After the precast upholsteries were fixed in their places in the construction field, the concrete is poured up to the thickness of the calculated upholstery and thus a monolithic upholstery is obtained by placing the reinforcements of required combination, installation and continuity.

– Precast Floor Slab has been manufactured in our computer-controlled fully automatical factory by using all the necessary structural accessories and innovative reinforcement of the cage.
– The construction can be completed in a short time with very little equipment since precast upholsteries can be produced in all shapes and sizes.
– You can save both time and cost of the construction by using the precast upholstery with the designs parallelled with your imagination.
– Paint can directly be applied to the smooth surfaces of precast upholsteries. It has a less cost as the plaster does not require.
– A monolithic upholstery is obtained with the precast upholstery. With the special reinforcement system, upholstery loads are distributed in a flawless manner and cracks in upholstery are prevented.
– Precast upholstery has a very good sound insulation and fire resistance.
– Temporary pillars are placed before the pouring of concrete. The pillars are removed after the poured concrete gained enough strength.
– Cage reinforcements prevent the cutting stresses between both the precast and the poured concrete in the field as well as allowing more load to carry.


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