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About us

Founded in 1994 in Van, Turkey and growing in the following years, ETE Concrete has become one of the most innovative and largest prefabricated manufacturers all over the country. Located in Van Organized Industrial Zone, our manufacturing facility has got 4000 m2 of the closed area and 16.000 m2 of the open area and has provided very important services to the region with its production strips and building design office.

ETE Concrete, producing high quality of concrete and reinforced-concrete elements in its fully controlled factory, has manufactured  the industrial, commercial, residential and structures of art products by guaranteeing to provide the highest quality of the products.Necessary equipments have been used by designing the products according to the needs of each project with the building design office and thus we have met the customer requirements.

Passing through various stages over time, Ete Concrete started to produce “Prefabricated Building Elements”  in 1995 by doing the technological investments required for the age.The infrastructure elements, (integrated concrete and reinforced-concrete pipe with / without the gasket, concreted-box culvert with / without ard stretched) which has become a brand in the region and the production of which was made in our factory in Van are preferred in many projects in the region.

Ete Concrete developed the earthquake-resistant with high performance “Precast Building System” with an investment that it began in 2009  and began to produce in July of 2011.Cooperating with the academics both in local and in foreign universities and establishing the factory of the first and the only Earthquake-Resistant Precast Double Wall and the Production of Watermark Flooring and combining the high quality, flexible design, fast production, skilled labor force and experiences, Ete Concrete with the Technology Sun rising from eastern part of Turkey is the follower and practitioner of innovation in the worldwide construction industry by maintaining its position among the leading manufacturers of the sector.Ete Concrete seriously contributes both to the region and the development of regional economy its with high performance of earthquake-resistant “Precast Building System”.

Precast Double Wall and Precast Watermark Floor, produced in our factory which is fully automatic computer-controlled have been used on many different projects.In addition, our factory, producing all the elements necessary for the infrastructure and structures of art, offers “Full Solution” from infrastructure to superstructure for the customer.

In the light of activities of R & D, Ete Concrete has increased the opportunities for flexibility in design with the continuous investment and thus, has enabled the manufacturing of high quality products.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality products with the continuous quality control and to build the earthquake-resistant buildings.

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Precast Building

- Resistance to earthquake performance is very high.
- A short time of construction.
- Resistance to damage, erosion and corrosion.
-High, consistent standards and specifications.
- Resistance to water flow.

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